WWE Monday Night Raw results: Sheamus pins Drew McIntyre

Sheamus walked out of Monday Night Raw with the prize of being the final entrant into the Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

The newest episode of Monday Night Raw focused on the continued angles heading into the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV. With a few weeks left before the major event, there was still work to do done to build to the WWE Network special.

Six-man action was up first, as Matt Riddle teamed with the Lucha House Party to take on the Hurt Business.

Shelton Benjamin and Lince Dorado started off the match first, with Benjamin laying out the smaller man. It was not long before the match spilled outside with the Hurt Business using that opportunity to attack everyone on the opposing team. When the action returned to the ring, Cedric Alexander had isolated Gran Metalik on their side of the ring. Things changed once Riddle was tagged in as he started to overwhelm Alexander. The match would break down to Riddle and MVP, with Riddle laying out the former United States champion, then landing the Floating Bro for the victory.

Lacey Evans is pregnant!?

More tag team action was up next. Charlotte Flair and Asuka took on Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans.

Asuka stated out against Royce, keeping her on their side of the ring. That was until Flair threw her over to Evans, daring Evans to get into the ring. Royce remained and immediately regretted her action as Flair and Asuka continued to dominant Royce easily. Royce found a way to fight back for a moment, but she only angered the current Raw women’s champion. Royce found a way to make the tag to Evans, who leaves the ring when she announces she is pregnant.

Kofi Kingston and the Miz had a one-on-one match to determine who would join the Elimination Chamber after the Miz removed himself from the match.

Kingston and the Miz go right at it, with Kingston getting the upper hand first. They know each other so well that Kingston was ready for all the Miz’s cheap tactics. That did not stop from the multiple-time champion to find a way to get the upper-hand, grounding Kingston for a moment. Miz would unleash on Kingston but could not pin his opponent to get the win.

Kingston would fight back, recovering after all the damage he suffered and landing a stomp to Miz’s chest. Kingston hit a bunch of big moves, but it was now the Miz that was kicking out each time. But the Miz did not kick out after Kingston landed the Trouble in Paradise to get the win.

Lana was out next to do battle with Shayna Baszler in singles action. Baszler did not waste any time in dropping Lana and contouring her body in various directions. Lana tried to fight back but every bit of offense she got off only infuriated Baszler. Lana kept fighting out but found herself locked in the Kirifuda Clutch and forced to submit, giving Baszler the victory.

A battle for survival

A gauntlet match was the main event of the evening with all the members of the Elimination Chamber fighting to see who the final entrant at the WWE Network will be special.

AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston started out first, with Styles going right after Kingston’s injured knee from earlier in the night. Kingston was not going to go out without a fight, as he got Styles out of the ring and landed a big trust fall. But Omos attacked Xavier Woods, and with that distraction Styles landed a nasty chop block to that injured knee. Kingston fought back as best as he could, but he ended up taking the Phenomenal Forearm, being eliminated from the match and that brought out the champion Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre wasted no time in throwing Styles around the ring. Outside of the ring, did not fare any better as McIntyre threw Styles into the steel steps. Back in the ring the brutality continued, even as Styles tried to fight back against the champion. Styles countered the Claymore to knock McIntyre from the ring and land a flying cross body. McIntyre recovered in the ring but made the mistake of attempting to come off the top rope, only to take a kick to the side of the head. McIntyre scrambled back to his feet and caught a returning Styles with the Claymore to eliminate him from the match.

Jeff Hardy was the next individual out and he pounced on the injured champion. Hardy was in control for much of this match, but that did not mean he did not take his lumps. McIntyre even planted Hardy with the Future Shock DDT, but Hardy wisely rolled out of the ring before being pinned. McIntyre landed a Superplex but missed the Claymore for the second time. That gave Hardy the space to land the Twist of Fate, but failed on the Swanton Bomb, eating the Claymore in response, and was eliminated.

Randy Orton was the next man out at that moment. Before McIntyre and Orton could get too far into their match, Alexa Blisses face appeared on all the monitors, distracting Orton, and causing him to be disqualified from the match. That brought out the final competitor, Sheamus.

Sheamus attacked McIntyre from behind, battering him before things could even get started. McIntyre was drained after competing in the Gauntlet Match, and Sheamus was prepared to keep up the heat. McIntyre had moments to regroup, but that was not enough to save him from Sheamus who countered the Claymore and finished off the champion with the Brogue Kick.

WWE Monday Night Raw results:

  • Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party defeated the Hurt Business
  • Asuka and Charlotte Flair defeated Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce via count out
  • Kofi Kingston defeated the Miz via pinfall
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Lana via submission
  • Sheamus wins the Gauntlet Match to enter the Elimination Chamber last

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