WWE’s Ties With Saudi Arabia Likely To Receive Even More Backlash

WWE’s corporate jet was recently spotted flying outside of the United States for the first time since their trip to Saudi Arabia last February. Its destination was a familar one with tons of revenue potential.

The pandemic nixed any overseas events, but the company is still contracted for plenty more pay-per-views in the controversial Kingdom. New information could bring even more heat on that partnership.

The Biden administration put out declassified documents from a 2018 intelligence report which concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salam very likely approved an operation to “capture or kill” journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This is reported by by NBC and the Associated Press.

WWE received a focus by John Oliver, among other ridicule, for their dealings with Saudi Arabia in the past. Khashoggi’s murder was mentioned at the time. As their partnership continues and this report continues to circulate, the pressure could grow on WWE to cancel this highly lucrative business deal.

It’s not likely that WWE will nix the deal with KSA, because they are making a ton of money. Such deals help them produce record profits on a consistent basis.

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