WWE’s Game Plan For Sami Zayn’s Documentary Crew

Sami Zayn has been followed around by a camera crew for the past serval weeks. He has something special in store for fans.

Footage already leaked from Zayn’s documentary crew. That footage showed a very upset King Corbin. As he spoke to Fightful, Zayn revealed that they have even more in store.

The former IC Champion said that he can’t wait to show everyone what they’ve been working on. This will be “an actual WWE Network-Peacock production” when everything is said and done. There has also been talk of using the footage on SmackDown instead.

We’ll have to see how this situation pans out. Zayn could get a much bigger spotlight with this documentary film idea. He has also used it as a way to get over as a heel since he’s not too nice to his crew.

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