WWE Title rematch between Bobby Lashley and The Miz set for tonight’s Raw | Wrestling News

WWE has announced the first match for tonight’s episode of Raw and it will feature a bottle for the WWE Title.

This afternoon, the company confirmed that Bobby Lashley will make his first title defense as the WWE Champion against The Miz. Just last week, WWE had Lashley beat The Miz for the title in the main event that featured lumberjacks around the ring. This marked the first title that Lashley had won the top prize on the Raw brand.

It appears this booking decision was made due to how well the ratings held up last week. The episode drew an average of 1.884 million viewers on the USA Network, which was on par with the 1.889 million viewers the previous week. Also, there wasn’t a big drop from the second hour to the final hour, which typically takes place as they went from 1.916 million in hour 2 down to 1.817 million viewers in hour three.

The company previously announced that Lashley would have his big title celebration alongside the other members of The Hurt Business as well as Braun Strowman demanding an apology from Shane McMahon.


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