WWE teases a new character getting involved with Bray Wyatt storyline

It has been speculated for weeks that Bray Wyatt may have someone or several people working with him or perhaps against him.

Tonight on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the question was raised on whether it was Bray Wyatt who attacked LA Knight or if it was someone else. As many of you will recall, before Knight was attacked, he was being interviewed backstage and someone in a mask was seen in the background. The attack happened after a commercial break but Wyatt was never shown.

On tonight’s show, Wyatt said that he knows that people want to see “the monster” The Fiend destroy himself and everything around him but doesn’t want to be that man anymore. Wyatt said that he is not the person who attacked LA Knight last week. Before he could say more, the mysterious figure showed up on the screen and said that “everyone lies.” The big screen showed imagery from Wyatt’s previous incarnations and a message played that said that only fools listen.

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