WWE Superstars Sent New Rule About Wrestling On Television

WWE changes up rules their Superstars must abide by on a regular basis. This caters to Vince McMahon’s whim, and those decisions are made for any number of reasons.

Ringside News has received an email that was sent out from Talent Relations to wrestlers and staff. This concerns WWE’s edict changing when it comes to keeping a match going through the commercial break.

Effective now, you will need to work through the commercial breaks at TV. It keeps you warmed up, it continues the in-ring story, it is practice before we go live with fans and is a better experience for the virtual audience.

WWE has no live crowd in the ThunderDome, but they still need to keep working through those commercials. This is an interesting rule and it will also prepare Superstars for when WWE fans are able to return to their television tapings.

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