WWE Releases Footage Of Kyle O’Reilly Being Stretchered Out After NXT

Kyle O’Reilly concerned a lot of people when he was stretchered out of the Capitol Wrestling Center this week after NXT. Some of the Performance Center talent were also very concerned about his wellbeing; because they weren’t smartened up about the segment.

It was all a work, but it was still a scary situation at the time. WWE has now revealed footage of the event that caused so much alarm within the WWE Universe.

Kyle O’Reilly had to tweet out on the following day to let fans know that he is okay. Rumors about a seizure spread through the IWC like wildfire, even though it was not confirmed.

You can check out the footage below. We’ll have to see when Kyle O’Reilly makes it back to action, but he certainly has a fire underneath him to do some damage upon his comeback.

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