WWE Could Be Planning Big Post WrestleMania Match For Cesaro

Cesaro is receiving a renewed push in WWE. He just signed a new contract with the company, and Vince McMahon has interest in him once again. The big question is when Cesaro will get his opportunity against the Universal Champion.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Cesaro’s current direction. It doesn’t appear that he will get a Universal Title match prior to WrestleMania. So, the natural assumption is that WWE is saving Cesaro for after Reigns’ match on the grandest stage of them all.

“I guess they’re saving Cesaro for after WrestleMania.”

The idea of Cesaro getting a title shot after WrestleMania might be hard for some impatient fans to accept, but the odds are greater that he might win the title. WWE likely won’t mess with their current Universal Champion prior to the show of shows. That title belongs to Roman Reigns until WrestleMania.

WWE also needs opponents for the Tribal Chief after WrestleMania rolls around, and Cesaro’s continued momentum might really pay off in that regard.

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