WWE Blocks Kairi Sane From Performing Outside Of Company

Kairi Sane went back to the United States after a good run in WWE. She could have accomplished more, but she is happy with what she was able to achieve. She is still under WWE contract and that comes with restrictions.

STARDOM is booking their huge Budokan Hall show on March 3rd, and they wanted Kairi Sane on the card. Since she is in Japan, they wouldn’t be directly competing with WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE rejected that idea and Sane will not be allowed to perform on the STARDOM event. They pitched two different matches for her, but WWE nixed both ideas.

Even though she asked, Kairi Hojo (Kairi Sane) was unable to get WWE permission to do the show. They had left it up to WWE. They wanted her in a big singles match but also offered WWE having her do a Rumble with legends. Sane is still under contract to WWE and works as a Japanese ambassador.

This will be the biggest show in STARDOM’s history, and the wanted Kairi Sane on the card. She performed as Kairi Hojo while she was with them. Since she is still under WWE contract they reserved the right to reject the offer and that is exactly what they did.

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