WWE & ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight Were ‘Far Apart’ On Money

AEW signed the former Big Show, Paul Wight, to a long-term contract. He will wrestle for the company some, but his main job will be as an announcer, a job he never had in WWE. This excited a lot of fans, but All Elite Wrestling also needs to be careful at the same time.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer expressed concern that AEW could fall into a pattern that TNA found themselves in years ago. They already have a few veterans who left WWE to join the company, and they might need to limit that.

“So his contract with WWE was coming due and they were far apart on money, and I guess Tony Khan offered him better money than WWE and he signed.”

“Time will tell. It would not be my recommendation to be signing older guys from WWE. It reminds me too much of what TNA did and that was not a successful strategy. That doesn’t mean this individual signing will or won’t be successful. It depends on a lot of things.”

Big Show was thought to be a “WWE lifer” by a lot of people. He enjoyed over twenty years under the WWE banner and used it to get his face out there in a big way. He also turned it into an acting career. Since the world knows who Paul Wight is, that could open even more doors for him.

Tony Khan is obviously confident that he made the right decision. Wight’s signing brought a to of buzz to AEW, now they must sustain that. The jury is still out on whether it was a great idea for AEW to ink a deal with Big Show.

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