WWE Already Made Title Belts For New NXT Show

WWE has a ton of talented people in NXT, and that brand is likely to get a new show soon enough. They have already filmed content for “NXT Evolve,” and now fans will have to see what they have in store.

Click here for way more details on NXT’s upcoming secondary show.

According to Fightful Select, WWE has already commissioned title belts to be made for this new brand of NXT. Graphics are also done, and it will be called NXT Evolve. This is all subject to change, but they are getting some big things in order.

There have already been graphics and a title belt prepared with that branding, although it can change.

WWE has a lot of plans for the future, and NXT Evolve might be a very tempting addition to their upcoming lineup on Peacock. The road to WrestleMania usually includes some big announcements and a second NXT show could be a big deal for fans of the black and gold brand.

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