What’s Going On With Andrade & WWE

Andrade hasn’t been utilized to the extent of his abilities at all in WWE. The former NXT Champion was an afterthought before he vanished completely. Recent social media activity indicates that Andrade and WWE could be separating.

Ringside News asked around about Andrade’s current situation. We were told that his name is still not coming up in any capacity in creative meetings.

One tenured member of the team said that they “can’t imagine” that Andrade will stick around WWE for much longer. It was noted that “he’s too proud, he’s too good, they’re benching in during his prime.”

It was speculated that Andrade could quit WWE and go back to Mexico to be a guaranteed main event star once again. AEW is also always an option.

We were also told that: “He was f*cked over when Bischoff and Bruce were running Smackdown. Heyman was going all the way with him.” Andrade was then suspended for 30 days for a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy and “Vince never stopped wanting him buried after that.”

We will have to see what happens in this situation, but things don’t appear to be getting better for Andrade in WWE.

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