Vince McMahon got upset at a WWE SmackDown wrestler because of an obvious leg slap during a match | Wrestling News

WWE’s new “leg slapping” edict was discussed on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez.

As previously noted, wrestlers have been told that they can no longer slap their leg when they kick someone in a match. A sign posted backstage at the Gorills position states, “Do not slap leg when kicking.” The sign is also positioned in other areas backstage so it is visible to everyone.

Meltzer said, “What I was told was that at some point, on a SmackDown show, somebody did a leg slapping deal and Vince got mad because it was so obvious.”

This would affect wrestlers such as Randy Orton (punt kick), Drew McIntyre (claymore), and Jey Uso (super kicks).

Banning leg slapping is a little odd since it’s something that wrestlers have done for decades. Both Chris Adams (in the late 70s and 80s) and Shawn Michaels (in the 90s and 2000s) would slap their leg when they would superkick someone. Many wrestlers would also slap the backs of their opponents on a knee lift or a DDT.

It was not said which wrestler caused McMahon to get upset but if you watch SmackDown, you might be able to figure out who that person might be.

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