Vickie Guerrero On Daughter Shaul Developing Eating Disorder Because Of Pressure From WWE

.WWE has a lot of very high expectations for their Superstars and that pressure can sometimes get to a talent. For Shaul Guerrero, she developed an eating disorder while in FCW.

Vickie Guerrero briefly spoke about her daughter during the AEW Unrestricted podcast. She brought up how much pressure was on her and how it eventually led to her developing an eating disorder.

“You have to sacrifice yourself, before family, before anything else. She was single so it really was not important to her to settle down with anyone. She did well, but she went through her trials for being a wrestler, and she got an eating disorder from the pressure they put on her for being a certain weight and how she had to look.”

Shaul Guerrero recently announced that she pulled herself from all of her bookings and she is taking a break from the pro wrestling world. Hopefully that time away will help Shaul center herself, because she’s gone through a lot in her career so far.

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