Triple H Details Exactly What He Does In New WWE Role

For many fans and pro wrestlers, Triple H is a pioneer in the world of professional wrestling. After accomplishing a lot as a pro wrestler, he became the brains behind NXT’s gold and black era.

Vince McMahon was forced to retire and step down from his position as WWE Chairman, afterwards Triple H was made the head of WWE Creative. This was truly what many fans wanted for years.

While speaking on LadBible TV, Triple H confirmed that he oversees all areas of Creative, further explaining his role in WWE.

I do a little bit of everything for WWE. If you want the exact title, I’m the Chief Content Officer for WWE. I oversee everything that has to do with creative of everything we do from top to bottom.

Run our talent, run our talent development, our recruiting process, sort of the life cycle of the talent from the moment we identify them in college, or wherever they’re going to start from. All the way through to the end of their careers.

Triple H is also fully focused on developing WWE talent now that he is no longer an active in-ring competitor. We will have to wait and see how NXT will flourish under Triple H again.

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September 23, 2022 3:06 pm

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