Tony Schiavone says Scott Simpson legally changed his name to Nikita S. Koloff, how Nikita met his wife at TV tapings | Wrestling News

On the latest episode of What Happened When with Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson, they covered World Championship Wrestling on TBS from February 15, 1986.

Schiavone also shared the story of how Nikita Koloff met his wife.

Schiavone said, “Miss Alabama started showing up at the tapings. I would ride with Nikita sometimes. On one of the trips, Nikita said to me, ‘You know that girl, Miss. Alabama? See if she would go out with me.’ I said, ‘Well how do I do that?’  He said, ‘I don’t know.  You said she’s there.  Get her number and see if she’ll go out with me.’ I said, ‘Ok.’ I can’t remember how I got her number, but I got her number. I called her from the office. I remember the day I called her and I said, ‘It’s Tony Schiavone.’ She said, ‘Hi Mr. Schiavone.’ I said, ‘Nikita Koloff wanted me to call because he doesn’t have a good command of the English language yet and he would like to go out with you.’ She said, ‘I would love to go out with him. Would you give him my number?’  I said, ‘Sure.’  So, I gave him the number and they started dating and they got married.

There’s another story about her too that Magnum T.A. tells. I hate to say this because she’s passed on and I know Nikita loved her. Magnum claims that she was nuts. He claims that she really had a mental problem. He tells the story that at Malone’s, which is a restaurant near the airport that we always went to after the Omni shows, he claims that one time that she was talking to him and Dusty one day in Malone’s and flirting with them and being nice and Magnum was probably hitting on her, I don’t know, and the next time she came in Malone’s, she walked right by him and ignored him. He went and talked to her. He said, ‘What’s wrong? Last time we had a lot of fun together. This time you won’t even look at us.’ She said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I have an identical twin that comes in here too and you must have been talking about her.’ She had no identical twin, so Magnum said she was out of her mind. I don’t know whether she was nuts or not, but she married Nikita.

Nikita didn’t smarten her up for a long, long time. Nikita really lived his character. This broken English type thing, Nikita Koloff was serious about it. He legally changed his name to Nikita S. Koloff from Scott Simpson. He changed his name. He married Miss Alabama. I remember talking to her about her illness when she first was diagnosed and I remember her crying. This is obviously after they were married. She still came to shows. There’s a real sad part to this. You know, I talked about Magnum. She may have had split personalities. Some people have that. There were people in wrestling, and I was not one of them, and I’m not saying Magnum was one too, there were people in wrestling that really didn’t believe she was sick until she passed away. There were people in wrestling that really felt she wasn’t sick and she was either looking for attention or just throwing out one of her stories, I don’t know, but obviously, she was telling the truth and it was true and it was a tragedy and I liked her. She was very nice to me and she was absolutely gorgeous.”

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