Tony Khan Apologizes To Fans For AEW Tournament Streaming Problem

AEW is airing their Women’s Eliminator Tournament and another special six-woman tag team match tonight on Bleacher Report. Some fans are having an issue with this, but Tony Khan has a solution.

The AEW President tweeted out to address those international fans who are having issues accessing tonight’s tournament. Since those matches will not be live, as he was promised, AEW is putting up all of the matches for free on YouTube

I’m sorry people had issues @BleacherReport’s international stream. I was promised multiple times by our partner that the Eliminator matches would stream in real time for free for all international fans. Since that’s not the case, I’ve just put the matches up for free on YouTube.

We’ll have to see who moves on into the finals of the Women’s Eliminator Tournament. The winner will face Hikaru Shida on March 7th at Revolution.

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