Thunder Rosa Takes Aim At Sexist Pro Wrestling Promoters

The #SpeakingOut Movement gave people a voice and allowed them to call out many instances of awful experiences within the pro wrestling industry. The goal was to create a safer space in pro wrestling for everyone involved. There are still some instances of sexism in the business and promoters treating women like they cannot perform in the ring.

Thunder Rosa is tired of seeing promoters treat women like they can’t wrestle. She didn’t call out anyone specifically by name, but the former NWA Women’s World Champion wasn’t afraid to speak on the subject.

Dear Promoters and bookers in the independent scene… stop treating some of our women like THEY CAN’T WORK… #GenderEquality

We’ll have to see if Thunder Rosa expands on the subject and calls anyone out by name. The pro wrestling world has evolved dramatically in the past several years and women’s wrestling has seen a surge of interest. Apparently, some promoters need to be reminded of this fact.

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