Television Executives Allegedly Don’t Want Pro Wrestling

Pro wrestling can come with a stigma attached to it sometimes. That is evident in how it is treated, especially when it comes to television

Freddie Prinze Jr. knows a thing or two about television and WWE. Not only has he been a part of many productions as a leading actor, but he also wrote for WWE as well. This prompted him to drop some knowledge on fans about how pro wrestling is perceived.

If you knew how bad most tv execs did not want professional wrestling on their channels you’d respect the hell out of WWE, NXT, & AEW for pulling off what they do each week. They literally have every card in the deck stacked against them and they’re still growing the business.

This is why cats like HHH doing interviews and Cody being on other TNT programming is so important. They help normalize the business because they just get it. They come off chill and solid. Hope they both continue to stay out in the public eye. It’s more important now than ever

We’ll have to see if Freddie Prinze Jr. makes a return to the pro wrestling business. For now, it seems that he is happy commentating on things from a distance. That doesn’t change the experience that helped him reach those observations.

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