Sting Set To Zipline From Rafters On AEW Dynamite

AEW brought Sting in, and he took a powerbomb this week on Dynamite, proving that he’s not afraid to take a big bump when needed. He is also preparing for a big stunt next week.

According to Redditor SpaceForce1, AEW has something very special in store for Sting next week on Dynamite. They will give him an entrance from the rafters, complete with a zipline.

Sting on a zip line from the rafters.

That one line is all that was provided, so we’re not sure what Sting will be ziplining into, but it will be a big moment for AEW.

SpaceForce1 has been silent for a while. AEW really didn’t like him leaking so much information about their product. They didn’t go away so soon, and now we know what Sting will have a very eventful Dynamite next week.

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