Steve Austin Clears Up Rumor About White ‘Stone Cold’ Vest In WWE

Steve Austin pulled off a few looks throughout his WWE career. One thing he never did was wear a white vest to the ring, but a photo circulating around seemed to show that WWE had other plans at one point.

Danny Cage tweeted out to Austin asking about that photo of him in a white Rattlesnake vest. He asked if there is any story behind the look, or if it was just a one-off. Steve Austin replied to say that he believes the photo was doctored.

“I think it was just a photographer changing a filter or something.”

WWE has tested out many looks that never saw the light of day. Steve Austin also had a silver Smoking Skull belt that was never seen on television. That white Stone Cold vest was never seen for a reason, because it seems that it is the result of some clever photoshopping.


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