Sonny Kiss Wants To Normalize Friendships Between Non-LGBTQ People With Joey Janela Partnership

AEW has many tag teams vying for the tag team titles. Sonny Kiss’ partnership with Joey Janela has a different intention, but that’s not to say they’d turn down a run with the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

Pro Wrestling Junkies recently had Sonny Kiss on for a Q&A. The AEW star spoke about his partnership with Joey Janela and how he wants to normalize friendships between people who differ in terms of sexual identity.

Janela is a cisgender heterosexual male and Sonny Kiss is a gender-fluid person. Sonny Kiss wants to make a statement with their interactions to show that friendships can exist between the two.

“Joey is super instrumental in my career. He inspires me to go out like a boss because sometimes I can be a little complacent. He always takes me to that next edge. The great part about Joey and I being a team is that we balance each other out. I have this super dorky, cutesy personality and he’s like a rough around the edges kind of guy. We balance each other out and that’s the beauty of us being a tag team. He takes me to that next level and teaming with him has definitely stepped up my career.”

“The dynamic Joey and I have, it’s something people can relate to and that’s why I love it so much. He’s a cisgender heterosexual male and then you have this gender-fluid person. It’s this awesome dynamite because sometimes people don’t know how to interact because they think the interaction has to be something else. You can just interact how you would normally interact with another human. A lot of people have LGBTQ [friends and family] and they wonder how to interact with them. Just be the same you are with anyone else. That’s what Joey and I are doing, we’re normalizing that friendship and that’s amazing.”

We’ll have to see what Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss can do as a team. Janela also had a lot of fun with Jim Cornette by trolling him about taking the Midnight Express name. We have yet to see that happen, but we also haven’t seen the last of that tag team.

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