Some WWE Network Content Won’t Be Available On Peacock For A Long Time

WWE Network is moving to Peacock for fans in the United States, and a VPN might not get around this one yet, because it is yet to be tested. The archives brought a lot of fans to the Network, but they aren’t all moving over to Peacock on launch day.

March 18th will be here before we know it, and that is when the big switch will go down. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Peacock still won’t have the WWE Network’s complete 17,000-hour archive until SummerSlam.

The plan is for the complete migration of the complete 17,000-hour library of what was on the WWE Network to be on Peacock by SummerSlam.

Obviously, this is a rough estimation, because any number of things can cause a problem with a transfer on that level. That content might take a long time to get to the WWE Network’s new home, but it will eventually get there.

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