Shayna Baszler Secured As Liv Morgan’s Next Challenger After Gauntlet Match

WWE decided to hold a Gauntlet Match on SmackDown this week to determine the number one contender for the Women’s Championship. The bout between the competition would have the winner face the current champion Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women’s Title. That title match will take place at WWE’s next premium live event in the UK, WWE Clash at the Castle.

Prior to the Gauntlet Match taking place, Morgan made her way to the ring to address the controversy over her win at SummerSlam. The crowd quickly turned on her chanting “you tapped out.” Sonya Deville made her way out to the ring and had some words with the champion making her the first entry into the Gauntlet bout.

The match started well, but the fans didn’t feel the value as Deville would pin Aliyah after a bit of back and forth between the first two competitors. What followed was the entry of Raquel Rodriguez, who looked like a threat to Deville. Deville didn’t last long against the new entry and lost to the former NXT Women’s Champion’s Texana Bomb.

After this first win for Rodriguez she indeed ran the gauntlet as she defeated the following entries of Shotzi, Xia Li, and Natalya. The losses they had to her, turned the fans against her. It’s a given that the spinning elbow drop, Fallaway Slam off a counter, and a top rope counter are impressive moves, but was it required for one person to get all the push in a gauntlet? It is where the gauntlet was let loose, and the fans didn’t like what they saw. The online world felt the same, and the responses confirm this notion. The big question is whether Rodriguez went all the way to secure the win.

The Queen of Spades was the last one to join this fight, but unlike her friend and once tag team partner, The Queen of Harts, Baszler took it upon herself and delivered an excellent performance. Her sleeper hold was enough to put Raquel’s mission and vision of being the number one contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship to sleep. She is now the challenger, and the fans are already ready to see how this match plays out at the upcoming Cardiff event.

Author’s Thoughts:

Fans were ready to speculate that they may see a match between two friends and former UFC performers if Baszler wins the title. It would be her first SmackDown Women’s title. The fans think that currently suspended Rousey could return at the show and set up a match for some future event. If it happens, WWE has gold on their end. It also proves that if wrestlers get the correct booking, they love to perform.

Shayna wasn’t pushed well under Vince McMahon’s regime, but on the first day on the job as head of creative for SmackDown, Hunter delivered what was appealing to the fans and wrestlers alike. We know that WWE is in good hands when everything looks good, and fans, as well as wrestlers, return (watch the SmackDown ending to know) to their form to perform at their full potential.

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What are your thoughts on Baszler as Morgan’s next opponent? Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of SmackDown.

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