Shawn Michaels Says WWE Wants Talent To Find Who They Are At The Performance Center

After retiring from wrestling for the first time, Shawn Michaels opened his own training academy called the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. This wrestling academy is known for training some of the best wrestlers such as Bryan Danielson, Brian Kendrick, Paul London etc.

Wrestlers who came of the wrestling academy went on to enjoy successful careers. Shawn Michaels has come a long way since then and currently focuses on training the next generation of WWE superstars at the WWE Performance Center. Speaking to Connor Casey of Comic Book. Shawn Michaels was asked about his approach to training wrestlers at his academy versus training at the WWE Performance Center.

“I’ll say this, most of the overall coaching aspects lie with Matt Bloom, who is a phenomenal head coach at the Performance Center. But the great thing that Hunter set up many, many years ago is that we cover everything. You’ve got people from a number of different eras, a number of different styles, and we’re continuing to build on that. I think all of us would admit that the business, like every sports or entertainment genre, continues to change and grow, and we have to continue to change and grow with it.

I will say that one thing that I know we do have in common, what I know we do at the Performance Center and we definitely did at the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy is we don’t put anybody in a box. The one thing that we like to do is make it a collaboration between ourselves and the individual talent. That’s something that we are obviously implementing in great, a great success,” he said.

“Obviously, we teach the basics, we teach the fundamentals, but then you’re allowed to grow into the style of the superstar you want to become. We don’t want to paint you as this of how you just have to stay in that box. We want them to be able to find who they are, experiment, take chances, take risks, and that’s what NXT is for.”

Since Triple H took over creative duties of WWE, Shawn Michaels has been put in charge of NXT and he has done good job bringing out the young roster’s talent with a couple of welcome changes. One of the changes he implemented is to give the young NXT talents a chance to work with superstars on the main roster.

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