Shawn Michaels On Gradually Getting NXT Talent Ready For The WWE Main Roster

Wrestlers assigned to NXT typically appear on the brand’s weekly television show, NXT. The brand acts as a developmental system for WWE’s two main brands, Raw and SmackDown, which are referred to as the main roster. Shawn Michaels recently stated that he is gradually preparing NXT talent for the WWE Main Roster.

Shawn Michaels discussed getting NXT talent ready for the WWE main roster during the NXT Deadline media conference. He said it is a gradual process, but there is no cookie-cutter solution across the board for everyone.

Obviously when they go to the main roster that’s what they are also going to need to do for the most part. Honestly, from an action standpoint and a wrestling standpoint, they are live TV every week now and that’s how they are learning. But there are still opportunities to, as you know, for us. To pretape certain backstages and things of that nature. For RAW and SmackDown, you might get that, but there is also a chance you might not and more than likely you won’t, and you have to do it live.

We have been trying to get some of these people that we feel are ready for that and yes this is all about the developmental process. It’s sort of like the boiling of the water. You just sort of send them in there and get it going. And those talent you feel like can take it we turn up the heat a little bit more, they handle that we turn it up a little bit more. It has proven successful. They have all delivered on it and this process has worked.

While NXT is a stage for up-and-coming talent, many veterans of the main roster have recently worked there. Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Natalya, and others are included in this. Most recently, the New Day is scheduled to face Pretty Deadly at Deadline for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Let’s see how effective Shawn’s strategy is. It’ll also be intriguing to see how the new talents perform in the main roster. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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