Seth Rollins Says Wrestling Daniel Bryan Is ‘A Painful Treat’

Seth Rollins has been in many great battles in WWE, but he wouldn’t mind scrapping with Daniel Bryan again. For the Messiah, it’s a treat to step in the ring with Daniel Bryan, a very painful one at times.

While speaking to The Bump, Seth Rollins was asked about possibly facing Daniel Bryan once again. Bryan did run in and save Cesaro from a beating when he crossed Rollins.

Seth Rollins seems very open to taking on Daniel Bryan in the future. The two have shared a lot in WWE already, and another great match could be beneficial for all parties involved.

“I’d love to get in the ring with Daniel Bryan again. That’s always a treat — a painful treat, but a treat. He’s someone that I’ve learned so much from in my career. Someone I watched before I even stepped foot in the pro wrestling ring. He was someone who was there for my first pay-per-view and my first pay-per-view victory.”

Seth Rollins understands that Bryan saved Cesaro on SmackDown last week, but he also included a warning. The Messiah said that if Daniel Bryan stands in his way from where he wants to go, which is the very top, then fans will see their paths cross again.

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