Samoa Joe Wants To Hold Top Title In WWE

Samoa Joe won the NXT Title in quick order, and he gained a ton of attention in the process. His WWE main roster call-up was not met with the same success on the top of the card.

UPROXX recently spoke with Samoa Joe where he admitted that winning a top title in WWE is a piece he wants to secure his legacy. He hasn’t been given that opportunity yet, but it is something he is working on.

“[Those titles] are a calling card for a legacy. It’s something that’s sought after. It’s based on perseverance and time. I’ve existed in a career wrought with doubt by others. I’ve learned to shut it out and never listened to it because honestly, I never had to accept those results and we found a way to get it done. So we’re just working on that right now. Just being strategic about it.”

Samoa Joe also addressed his current in-ring status. WWE is being super careful when it comes to getting him back in the ring too soon. At this point, it’s been well over a year since fans saw Samoa Joe in action.

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