Ryback Takes Fire At Instagram After Dropping Six Figures On Advertising

Former WWE Superstar Ryback’s reputation is at an all-time low. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot go lower, because that is certainly a possibility. Ryback once again managed to make everything about himself recently.

For a long time, Ryback had trouble with Twitter and fans never failed to mock him at every turn. That’s not the only place he has issues with, as he has seen problems with TikTok and even Instagram now.

Ryback took to Twitter and called out Instagram for suppressing his Instagram account. This is despite the fact that he dropped six figures on advertising there.

Hey @instagram as someone who has spent over 6 figures in advertising with you guys I am deeply concerned with what you’ve done to my TheBigGuyRyback22 account. Suppressing businesses advertisers accounts is not legal when no wrong has been done. Why do you refuse to speak?

Ryback even recently requested Elon Musk to stop Twitter from suppressing his account. Ryback will always have something to complain about for one reason or the other and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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