Ryback Posts Proof That Twitter Is Suppressing Him In A Big Way

Ryback and WWE are still engaged in a big time legal battle over his name. That seems to have transitioned over into social media and WWE is apparently playing hardball.

The company sent Ryback a letter demanding his social media accounts. The Big Guy has posted photos of that letter in the past. Now it seems that Ryback’s Twitter has been shadow banned, because his engagement is awful.

The former IC Champion posted on Twitter to call out the social media giant for not even giving his tweets a chance.

Hey Twitter & Twitter Support How much longer is this nonsense going to go on? I don’t even care about verification at this point, just want normal impressions on my following and to be seen and given a chance. I’ve posted the letters and it’s evident you’ve sided with WWE.

To be fair, Ryback has 1.4 million followers on Twitter, so his engagement should be way higher than that. There might be something to this theory of Ryback being targeted by the social media giant. He should have far more than 47 engagements with any post.

You can check out the evidence that Ryback posted below.

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