RVD Talks What He Wants During WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

RVD had a decent run in WWE prior to leaving the company. His name naturally comes up as an option for the WWE Hall of Fame every year among fans. It hasn’t happened yet, but Rob Van Dam already has someone in mind to induct him.

That 90’s Wrestling Podcast recently spoke to the Whole F’n Show. During the conversation, the WWE Hall of Fame came up and who RVD would like to see induct him as well. Naturally, he has Paul Heyman on his mind.

“Kinda has to be Paul [Heyman], doesn’t it? I think it has to be Paul. Sabu doesn’t talk very good [laughs], On the real, Paul is the only producer/agent that’s ever had my best interests at heart and understood me, you know and because of that, ya know it has to be him as predictable as it is.”

Paul Heyman could induct any number of people into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Advocate has been influential for many careers. He has also yet to receive an induction himself. Perhaps the day will come when RVD’s name is finally chosen for the WWE Hall of Fame. Right now he’s still waiting for that call.

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