Rumor Killer On Zelina Vega Cheating On Aleister Black

The internet can be a complicated place, especially when there are people who love spreading misinformation. We’re not sure why they do it, but we feel the need to address one story that is going around.

There is a meme being shared of a headline from Pro Wrestling Sheet. This headline reads: “Zelina Vega reportedly cheats on husband Aleister Black with current WWE Superstar Xavier Woods.” This story was never written and it is a fake tweet.

The Photoshopped tweet is making its way around social media. We have seen the meme shared to three large accounts on Facebook alone.

Some fans are making jokes about Xavier Woods getting involved with Zelina Vega because of his scandalous relationship with Paige. We know that happened because there is video proof. Woods having an affair with Zelina Vega did not take place.

We’re not sure who made this fake tweet, but the story is not legit. It never happened, but it might have some basis in a skit that Xavier Woods did with Zelina Vega to plug her WWE t-shirt. You can check out that video below.

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