Rikishi Instructed To Make Bow Wow Cry During Pro Wrestling Training

Retribution didn’t make it on WWE RAW this week, but they still worked on Monday. The stable of masked invaders could also use a new member, especially a WWE Hall of Famer.

The Rock’s first WrestleMania match was against The Sultan, who later became Rikishi. T-Bar replied to a video of that Mania match and extended his invitation to Rikishi to join Retribution if he can find the Sultan mask.

Wow, great mask @TheREALRIKISHI! You can always dust it off and join #RETRIBUTION.

Bow Wow is training to become a pro wrestler, and he is going to train with Rikishi as well. T-Bar already has a bit of online heat with Bow Wow, so he sent out another note for Rikishi to go extra hard on the rapper in his training.

Also please make @smoss do blow up drills until he cries.

We’ll have to see if Retribution gets Rikishi on their side. If that is the case then Bow Wow might be in for some tough pro wrestling training.

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