Push Within WWE To Hire More Producers

WWE made several cuts to their producer roster during the beginning of the pandemic. Now they have brought back one name that was previously let go.

According to a report from PW Insider, WWE has brought Shawn Daivari back as a backstage producer. He is backstage at SmackDown today, starting his job once again for the company.

Daivari was just working for the NWA last week at their television tapings. He was a producer on that show as well. He was let go from WWE in April 2020, but the company needs more producers once again. They are starting live events and now there is a push to add more producers.

With the company ramping up a return to live events as they prepare to go back on tour next month, there has been a push to add more producers back in order to alleviate the workload across the board.

Shawn Daivari returned to the ring since leaving WWE. He appeared for Impact Wrestling and MLW. He also worked a few indie promotions. He received very strong marks backstage in WWE for his work putting matches together. Now he is back to doing that for Vince McMahon’s company.

As we previously reported, Molly Holly also received a tryout for a producer job last week. She could be brought back for another tryout as things progress for her.

What’s your take on WWE returning to the road? Is it too soon? Sound off in the comments!

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