Peyton Royce Reveals Post WWE Name

Peyton Royce was released from WWE along with nine other Superstars. The company had their reasons for axing everyone, and you can click here for more on that.

Royce cannot keep her WWE name after her release. “Peyton Royce” is copyrighted to WWE and they maintain ownership of that name. Now the Australian is tasked to come up with a new name. It didn’t take her long.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion changed her Twitter name and handle to Cassie Lee. That is her real name and it appears that she will be sticking with that moniker. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see that name appear on another pro wrestling show sooner than later.

The recent crop of WWE releases cannot go anywhere else until July, but it seems that Cassie Lee is already getting things in order.

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