Pat McAfee dresses up like Vince McMahon in funny video | Wrestling News

Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX had a throwback theme to it as the announcers were dressed differently and there were old school graphics, intro video package, and other minor differences.

Pat McAfee decided to have some fun ahead of the show as he pulled up to the building in a car, tossed the keys to the driver, had a dark hair wig on, and started walking. He then poured a ton of hand sanitizer on before doing the famous Mr. McMahon walk and finally welcomed us to Friday Night SmackDown in the deep voice that McMahon made famous.

There have been rumors over the years that McMahon is known to be somewhat of a germaphobe.

Fans may recall during last year’s Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match that was held at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, AJ Styles, and Daniel Bryan brawled into McMahon’s office. After they left, he put on sanitizer even though he didn’t touch them.


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