Paige Warns Of Con Artist Trying To Scam WWE Fans

Scammers roam the internet looking to pounce on their next victim. Paige wanted to be sure that her fans don’t fall for it. WWE Superstars get a lot of attention and Paige’s fan base could be the perfect target for such fraudulent activity.

We have yet another person claiming to be a WWE Superstar’s personal assistant. This seems to be a trend as Shayna Baszler just had to uncover the exact same scam.

Paige had to let fans know that someone named Elizbert Meeka has been messaging fans posing as her “personal assistant.” The first-ever WWE NXT Women’s Champion wanted to make it clear that this person has no affiliation with her.

I’ve been getting sent screenshots of this woman pretending to be my assistant. She goes under this name AND Elizabeth Gilbert. She is a scam and do not send money to her please

Hopefully, Paige’s message gets out to her fans. Scammers can do a lot of damage in the DMs, especially if they can pry personal information out of their victims.

Be careful out there on the information superhighway. On that note, thanks again for trusting Ringside News.

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