NWA removes all videos from their YouTube channel | Wrestling News

Sometime within the last 24 hours, the NWA removed (or made private) all of their videos on their YouTube channel.

If you check out their channel right now, you will see that all of their NWA Powerrr episodes and all related NWA content is no longer up and that has led to speculation that the company may be folding.

For what it’s worth, Billy Corgan stated a few months ago that he has no intention to shut down the company. They have been among the promotions most negatively affected by the pandemic as they have not run shows in approximately a year.

The removal of their videos does not necessarily mean that they will be shutting down. Another reason could be that they’ve struck a deal with a TV or streaming service. If that is the case, then that service could ask for exclusivity on archived content.

We hope to find out more soon. As of this writing, there has been no public statement from Corgan on the matter.

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