NJPW Pulls Marty Scrull From Television Tapings

Marty Scrull was at the last set of NJPW Strong tapings, but he won’t be seen now. The company has also nixed any plans to use him.

Scrull was involved in a post-match angle during the tapings of New Japan Strong, but not in a match. Super J-Cast reported that Scurll will not be used at all. This was later confirmed by Dave Meltzer.

Scrull is not expected to be a part of NJPW any time soon either.

He was called out during the #SpeakingOut movement, and he later admitted the story was true, but he claimed it was consensual. He also admitted to knowing that she was 16, the legal age of consent in the UK.

He was with ROH at the time the story came out, and a major player on their booking committee. He was removed from the booking role and placed on ice within the company, pending an investigation. It was officially announced in January that ROH and Marty Scurll parted ways.

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