Nikki Bella Reacts To Headlines About Her Bedroom Activities

The Bella Twins grabbed headlines this week, but some of the content was a smidge NSFW.

During the Bella Twins Podcast, Nikki Bella made a little off-handed comment about how her love life made headlines this week. The gist of the situation is that postpartum sex is “tiring,” and she used that word herself. This came back to grab a few headlines.

“Well, you know The Bellas did press this week because the headlines have been very…. should I say tiring?” Nikki Bella chimed in.

“Poor Artem,” Brie Bella said in response to her sister’s headline grabbing sex life.

What Nikki Bella said about Artem wasn’t all bad. She said that they were “hot and heavy” at first after little Matteo came into the world, but then she just got “tiring.” Bella did reveal that she digs the missionary position because of the way her dancer fiancé can use those hips.

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