Nikki Bella Feels Pressure To Have Baby #2 While Dreaming Of WWE Return

Nikki Bella retired from the ring, but she still wants another run with the company. That might get put on hold because her life outside of pro wrestling could take priority.

During Bella Twins Podcast, Nikki Bella explained the pressures she is currently under. She wants to have another baby, but one last run in WWE is also something that she really desires. Needless to say, Bella is currently conflicted.

“I know I talk about this a lot and I go back and forth, but baby #2. So, I thought it was one and done, but Matteo makes me want to give him a sibling and Artem makes me want to give him a baby girl, not that I have any control of that.”

“Then I know like, ‘closer in age is good,’ but then I’m like, ‘no I really wanna do a WWE return with you, Brie. Like I really wanna go after the Tag Titles. That’s one thing that I really wanna do before I hang up the Nikes for good. Right?”

Nikki Bella had to stop wrestling due to neck injuries which required surgery. They also found cysts on her brain, and that’s never good. We’ll have to see what the future holds for Nikki Bella, but she definitely wants a second baby and a WWE return. The bad part is that she can’t really both at the same time.

Transcription by Thirsty

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