Nia Jax Walks Off RAW Talk After Too Many Jokes About Her Hole

Nia Jax is tired of her hole taking centerstage. This was evident when she walked off the set during Raw Talk this week.

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Jax was a guest on Raw Talk following WWE Raw this week. R-Truth offered Jax a donut seat cushion to help with her hole problem. She was not amused.

Shayna Baszler, who was also on the show with Jax, was not happy about this either. Nia Jax said that nobody is laughing at the cushion joke. This prompted Charly Caruso into making a “holey moley” joke while calling Jax rude.

They called Charly Caruso’s journalistic integrity into question. Then Nia Jax finally walked off the set in a big huff. She might have enjoyed the extra attention, but WWE is certainly hitting the replay button on Nia Jax’s hole situation.

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