Nia Jax Reveals Trolling Texts From Mother About Her ‘Hole’

Nia Jax made a ton of headlines because of her performance on RAW last week. That entire match was summed up with two words: “My Hole.” Naturally, the word got around to Nia Jax’s mother.

The Irresistible Force revealed a text conversation with her mother recently. Apparently, her own mother wanted to jump on the hole train and get in a little joke. This was a bit shocking for Nia Jax, and she was quick to post it on Twitter.

Mama not you too!

Nia Jax’s comment about her injured hole went viral. Plenty of people commented about it, so her mother obviously didn’t want to feel left out.

WWE followed-up with the hole joke on SmackDown last week. We’ll keep a close ear out for any more references to Nia Jax’s now infamous exclamation.


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