Nia Jax In Romantic Storyline On WWE SmackDown

Nia Jax is 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, but she still has time to find love.

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During SmackDown this week, Nia Jax took Reginald shopping. Carmella fired Reginald, but Nia Jax took him under her wing in a big way.

Reginald tried out several outfits and Nia Jax was all about this as he gave her a little fashion show. She even took photos of him and a selfie. Shayna Baszler was there, but she was bored and on her phone the entire time.

At the end of the segment, Reginald asked Nia Jax how she can ever repay her. She smiled in a sly way as the camera zoomed in. That was the end of the segment, but it appears that they are headed into a very interesting direction.

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