Natalya Tears Into List From WWE On Fox That Priced Her At $1

There are various memes floating around out there online, and Natalya took great exception to one that priced her at $1.

The Iron Hart tweeted out a response to a meme that WWE On Fox’s Twitter account put out. The meme, which you can find below, asked fans to build their best women’s roster with a $15 budget.

Nattie saw this meme and her ranking on it. She didn’t appreciate it at all.

I have struggled for years to figure out exactly what my worth is, but I won’t allow anyone to pick that number for me. As hurtful as seeing this is, I want it to be known, that if I ever find myself under all of these wonderful women it’s because I am a pillar and a foundation of what we’re doing. So please keep the 1$, because anyone who knows anything, knows how priceless I am. -NKN

Some fans pointed out that WWE On Fox also did this same meme for the men, and nobody sparked any outrage over it. Nattie obviously had something to say and she had good reason to say it. The Queen of Harts also received a ton of support from Alexa Bliss, Mercedes Martinez and others.

Following Hart’s response, WWE On Fox deleted the meme.

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