MVP Denies Report Of Seeing WWE Surgeon After Injury

MVP was reportedly injured during RAW this week. He took a bump and then it appeared that his knee game out. He reportedly went to visit a doctor, but he is not copping to those claims.

The Hurt Business leader answered back to a report that he went to Birmingham, Alabama after his injury. That is the location for WWE’s doctor, and a frequent destination for Superstars in need of a surgery consult.

He jumped on Twitter and fired off a reply that seemingly dismissed reports of his injury.

Someone told me the “dirtsheets” are reporting I went to Alabama to see surgeons. You guys should stop reading what those idiots report. They’re always wrong.

MVP said that the “dirtsheets” are “always wrong” again while never revealing what is really going on. We’ll have to see if he returns to the ring so soon and really squashes these new reports.

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