Murphy Drops Interesting Tweet After Vanishing From WWE Television

Murphy was once called 205 Live’s Best Kept Secret. Now it appears that Murphy is a secret once again. He vanished from WWE television and he has yet to re-emerge.

Seth Rollins took off in December, leaving Murphy and Aalyah’s storyline to die on the vine. Now that angle is totally dropped. Rollins returned, but Murphy has not had anything to do with his former Messiah.

Murphy dropped a tweet on Sunday afternoon that caught plenty of attention. He did not include a caption, but the photo of himself and Seth Rollins seemed to tell a story that Murphy feels as though there is unsettled business between them.

We’ll have to see if WWE writes anything new for Murphy on the road to WrestleMania. Right now it’s not looking likely as Rollins and Cesaro seem to be feuding now without Murphy anywhere in the picture.

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