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Sammy Guevara was pulled from last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings with the idea of the AEW star working for the promotion after he quit Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faction. This would give him time away from AEW and possibly make it seem as if he had also quit the promotion before making a surprise return.

It was originally reported by Slam Wrestling that the idea to have Guevara work on Impact was said to be Jericho’s idea, which was later presented and signed off by AEW President Tony Khan.

The day of the taping where the angle would have been filmed, Impact had received a critical message from the AEW star about the creative direction. Impact’s Executive Director Don Callis was contacted by Jericho about banning him from the tapings. When Guevara got to Nashville, he had received word from Jericho to go home and not travel to the tapings.

Dave Meltzer gave some additional details on the situation during today’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Impact had TV this week and he was supposed to be on them and he went and he didn’t like the creative I guess. I had heard from one person at Impact, I don’t know what the creative is that he turned down, but they said that the creative he turned down was something he should turn down. So he didn’t like it and they decided to do it with Black Taurus instead and they did not use Sammy.”

It was later stated, “There’s no heat or anything like that as far as that part. I think that part has kind of been blown out of proportion.”

Meltzer noted that there is not any heat from AEW for what he did, but is sure there is heat from Impact. Khan has to approve what AEW stars do with Impact and while he liked the idea, Sammy didn’t.

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