Mojo Rawley Denies Report About His Early WWE Release

Mojo Rawley was part of the ten Superstars who were released last week. His name was the last one announced, and the company reportedly released him first. He claims that is not the case.

Fightful Select spoke to Mojo Rawley about the new report concerning his WWE release. Rawley denied the report that he was released in March.

It is reported that “just an hour prior to Rawley’s release being publicly announced, he was still under the impression he was with the company.” He is sticking with the story that he was released on April 15th along with everyone else.

Mojo Rawley might have sparked this rumor when he said that his next chapter will start on May 31st. That had nothing to do with his 90-day non-compete clause starting, but it wasn’t confirmed what he was referring to.

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