MJF: “Keep up the great work Elon Musk”

MJF seems to be working hard to turn fans against him.

As noted several weeks ago, MJF never wanted to turn babyface and it’s very clear that he prefers having the fans hate him. On Twitter, MJF told Elon Musk to keep up the good work.
Musk is polarizing and for those who don’t know MJF’s work, his comments will rile up some of those people.

MJF’s full tweet is below:

“Keep up the great work @elonmusk

Take it from a World Champion, jealousy is a sad trait exclusively for Poors.”

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MJF is having quite the week. His segment on Dynamite where he turned on William Regal racked up more than 1 million views in 2 days. Click below if you missed it.

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